2025 Volkswagen ID 2 will be "even better" than concept

Almost every surface in the ID 2all is soft to the touch, mixing fabrics and Alcantara as part of a sustainability push. There’s limited use of some woods and metals, too.

The concept’s screens can be selected in different themes, including retro graphics from the original Golf, and this feature is expected to make production.

Also expected to survive are its clever storage features, such as the foldable bottom half of the rear bench that allows a bike to be put in the rear passenger footwells and a storage space beneath the floor of the 490-litre boot that’s big enough for three big drinks crates.

There’s also a focus on reducing the number of components, for example on the doors that combine the door handles, grab handles and armrest into one unit.

This new approach to interior design feeds into the new design approach to make VW a ‘love brand’. The ID 2all concept is a manifesto for that from design boss Andreas Mindt, who moved across from Bentley in February, and is a vision for future VWs that will have a “stable and likeable design, always with a secret sauce” and sense of humour attached to them.

On the new interiors, Mindt said they would be a “better quality and nicer design” and “customers say a pure touchscreen is not enough and they expect physical switches and dials for important functions”.

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