Akneye opens NFT exhibition during Venice Art Biennale

Promotion: Armenian art platform Akneye has collaborated with non-fungible token platform ftNFT to launch an exhibition during the Venice Art Biennale where sculptures by 21 different artists are exhibited alongside their NFT equivalents.

Located near the city’s Arsenale venue, the exhibition which mixes physical and digital work, features Akneye’s signature eye sculptures. The pieces are hand-painted by different artists from Armenia and beyond.

The ftNFT platform operates as a marketplace for people to buy and sell NFTs – unique digital assets created through blockchain technology.

The Phygital Space exhibition is on show during the Venice Art Biennale

Curated by art director Anastasia Dawson, the showcase includes contributions by Georgian painter Elene Metreveli, Armenian-Syrian artist Stephany Sanossian and London painter Larry Amponsah.

As part of the showcase, eye sculptures customised by each artist are on show alongside digital NFT representations of the pieces. They are experienced as dynamic works of digital art using interactive LED screens and motion stand displays.

Women in traditional Venice carnival costumes next to an eye sculpture
The exhibition highlights eye sculptures customised by different artists

“Phygital Spaces is not just any digital space; it is a vision of the future of art, where boundaries are blurred, and new connections are formed between the artist, the observer, and the medium,” said Akneye founder Vigen Badalyan.

“Akneye by ftNFT is a testament to the power of collaboration across cultures and disciplines,” Dawson added. “It embodies our mission to innovate within the art world while respecting traditional idioms.”

Phygital Space exhibition by Akneye and ftNFT
The sculptures are also represented as digital NFTs

As part of the Venice Biennale the participating artists will also be creating art live on site at the Phygital Space until 24 November.

For more information, visit Akneye’s website and social media.

Phygital Space by ftNFT is on show at Ramo de la Tana 2124a in Venice, Italy, from 20 April to 24 November. For more events, exhibitions and talks in architecture and design visit Dezeen Events Guide.

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