Beat Saber is axing multiplayer support for Quest 1 users

Beat Saber players using Meta’s first Quest headset soon won’t be able to compete against friends. In an updated support page, Beat Saber’s developers say they’re ending multiplayer support, along with updates and customer service for the Quest 1 starting November 2nd, 2024.

Quest 1 users will still be able to play the game after the change goes into effect. They can also continue to access multiplayer features and updates by playing the game’s PC version through the Meta Quest Link. But this is a bigger hassle than just booting up the game from a headset — and it also requires players to have a PC that can run the game.

The game’s developers may phase out leaderboard functionality on the Quest 1 “in the future” as well. Beat Saber automatically links the game and DLC to players’ accounts, making this data transferrable between other Quest and Rift devices. The developers also provide instructions on how to migrate Beat Saber data from the Quest headset to PC.

“As we continue developing Beat Saber, our goal is to raise the bar of what’s possible,” the support page reads. “To focus our efforts in the right direction, we will no longer support Meta Quest 1 devices.”

Beat Saber isn’t the only game limiting functionality on the Quest 1. Population: One stopped letting Quest 1 players launch or play the game in 2022, while Meta Horizon Home axed social features for the headset last March. Sadly, we’ll likely see more games end support for the headset as the deadline for the Quest 1’s final security and bug fix approaches.

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