BetteCurve and BetteLiv washbasins by Tesseraux & Partner for Bette

Dezeen Showroom: designed by Tesseraux & Partner for German brand Bette, the BetteCurve and BetteLiv washbasins combine a delicate thinness with the strength of titanium steel.

The BetteCurve and BetteLiv are both slim-rimmed designs, the BetteLiv delivering a minimalist take on the classic washbowl and the BetteCurve featuring a more curved shape with an inward slope at the top.

The BetteCurve has a fine rim that gently slopes inwards

Bette likens the look of the BetteCurve as recalling a pebble that has been smoothed and hollowed by water. Both designs are made in Bette’s signature glazed titanium steel, which is covered with a scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean enamel that comes in a range of 30 colours.

The durability of this material combination is such that Bette issues a 30-year warranty for the washbasins, and recommends the product for bars and restaurants as well as private residences.

BetteCurve and BetteLiv washbasins by Tesseraux & Partner for Bette
The BetteLiv is a minimalist take on the classic washbasin

The basins’ waste covers are also enamelled, so their colour can be matched to the rest of the unit, and an optional BetteGlaze Plus finish can be added to reduce the amount of cleaning required.

Made in Germany, Bette’s washbasins are fully recyclable and made without chemical additives, thinners and solvents.

Product details:

Product: BetteCurve and BetteLiv
Designer: Tesseraux & Partner
Brand: Bette
Contact: [email protected]

Material: glazed titanium-steel
Colours/finishes: various
Dimensions: varies

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