Biden Slurs and Stumbles Through NATO Anniversary Remarks, Clinging to the Teleprompter for Dear Life

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How must Joe Biden’s incoherence look to the rest of the world? 

It’s been going on a long time, despite the fact that some in the media only seem to be embracing the reality of it now. And others in the world have seen the problem, as my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about earlier, such as when the Germans, knowing Biden’s needs for early nights, scheduled a meeting with the German chancellor for early evening, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken showed up instead because Biden had gone to bed. The Germans knew about it when the administration wouldn’t even tell us, the American people. Think about that for a moment. And if the Germans knew, then likely so do our enemies. 

As Sister Toldjah explained, he’s also blown off dinners with other leaders at these official functions. I wrote recently about how he blew off the G7 dinner with the other leaders. The reason given? White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed a “jam-packed schedule.” Yet, other leaders with the same schedules were attending. But in an informal dinner, without a teleprompter and notes, Biden would be more exposed. 

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Biden is now hosting NATO allies in Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, Biden delivered remarks on the 75th anniversary of NATO, his first international remarks since his debate debacle and all the calls for him to step aside. 

First, let’s note how he appears to be claiming credit for something that former President Donald Trump pushed for. Biden bragged about some NATO nations contributing more toward their financial obligations (so we wouldn’t have to carry more of the burden). 

Then he went into a festival of slurring, as well as dropping and mangling words. 

“Even before Russia vombs were falling Ukraine, the alliance acted,” Biden said. “I order the U.S reinforcements at NATO’s eas-ern flank.”

He lost an “on” before Ukraine, slurred what I think was supposed to be “eastern,” and what’s a “vomb”? 

Biden likely helped embolden the Russian attack by lifting sanctions, in addition to his “gaffe” where he appeared to signal a “minor incursion” wouldn’t get a big response from the U.S. 

As much as he talks about Ukraine, he has trouble here just pronouncing it. 

This one I can understand, but he’s definitely doing that running words together thing again here. 

Then I’m baffled by this one. 

I think he said, “Autocrats who overturn global warming by and large check nearly 80 years and counting.” Huh? 

He tried to make an awkward joke about begging the Secretary-General to stay on. This one came across as odd to some people, where he says he asked Stoltenberg’s wife to “extend your service.” 

Then he tried to give some complimentary remarks to the Secretary-General and shake his hand, but he was so wedded to his teleprompter to say just those few brief words he was still looking at it as he was sticking his hand out. 

But hey, at least he was able to get off the stage this time by following Stoltenberg and someone else pointing the way to the stairs. 

So, how did Reuters report this?

The White House is hoping he can turn the page on speculation with his speech, in which he spoke with a strong and confident voice and avoided any verbal flubs or signs of confusion that marked his debate performance.

I think perhaps they were listening to something else, and it’s clear that Biden isn’t turning the page on this any time soon. 

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