Biden's Brain Breaks Badly Right in the Middle of Responses on Border and Hamas

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Tuesday may have brought us the most delusional remarks from Joe Biden ever. 

He was an hour and a half late, and when he finally arrived, his remarks and responses were very brief. He read a little bit from his notes, answered a few questions, and then he was out of there. 

First, he talked about how they had to get past the “toxic” and “petty partisan politics.” 

He then immediately falsely blamed the border crisis on former President Donald Trump and his “MAGA Republicans.” 

Biden claimed “the only reason” the border wasn’t secure was because of MAGA. So much for getting past that toxic partisan politics. 

Now that’s an incredibly Orwellian flip of reality. 

Up until January, Biden and his team kept insisting the border was secure and refusing to call it a “crisis.” Suddenly, last month, he totally flipped, claiming he’d recognized there was a crisis for ten years and that he had begged for help from Congress. He claimed that there was nothing he could do without Congress giving him the power. Yet when he came in January 2021, he issued all kinds of executive orders to take apart the security that Trump had put in place. That’s what led to the crisis. 


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So Biden’s comments are nuts. These are the same people who — before last month — were claiming that Republicans caring about the border were somehow racist and evil. Now suddenly they’re trying to blame the Republicans for not caring enough, when Biden has blown off the problem and made it worse for the last three years. 

Biden then said he wasn’t going to concede anything. 

So he’s going to live in his fantasy world and stomp his foot now that the Senate border bill is likely DOA.

We’ve reported before on Joe Biden’s brain “breaking.” It’s quite disturbing to see. 

But this one on Tuesday, when he was asked about the Israel-Hamas war during remarks on the border, may have been the worst of all. He was just completely lost, searching for what to say and having no idea, with a look of complete confusion on his face. The reporters have to help him, that’s how bad it was. 

“There is some movement, and I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, let me be choose my words — there’s some movement,” he said, struggling. “There’s been a response from the, uh, there’s been a response from the opposition, but um…”

“From Hamas?” a reporter offered. 

“Yes, I’m sorry, from Hamas,” Biden said. 

The opposition? No, Joe, those are the terrorists. He calls them the “opposition,” and then he calls Republicans extremists. That’s how over the edge he’s gotten. 

But this clip was scary. Can I say how frightening it is to know that this guy is in charge? That he’s the one who has the nuke codes? That he’s supposed to be making critical, life-altering decisions for our nation? This really is past time for the 25th Amendment. 

At the end, he shuffled off out of the room. 

We are in deep trouble, and I’m not sure we’re even going to make it to him being voted out. 


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