Bill Maher's Hilarious Take on Biden Debate Debacle, With Bonus Funny Freak Out From Chris Matthews

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You had to know that Bill Maher was going to have a funny reaction to Joe Biden’s debate debacle. And he didn’t disappoint; it was a truly hilarious take, as our sister site Townhall observed. He still has difficulty with his Trump Derangement Syndrome, but he just hammered the heck out of Biden’s performance in an honest way. He even titled his take, “Come On, Man!” 

“In case you missed it, so did one of the contestants,” he joked, meaning Biden, to big audience laughter. 

“Trump told lie after lie,” taking the Dems’ posturing narrative, but then skewering it. “He never would have gotten away with it if Joe Biden were there.” Of course, it was Biden who, on the few occasions he was coherent, told the boatload of lies. 

“Come on, man, Joe. You know Joe, he famously loves trains. But apparently not of thought,” Maher said, ripping his mental incoherence. 

“All night, confused and halting and trailing off. I’ve seen beauty pageant contestants answer questions better,” Maher snarked. “I don’t want to say he s**t the bed, but his new Secret Service name is ‘Amber Heard.’ This guy was bad!” 

Then he talked about the thing that really got to me, the fact that it wasn’t just “what came out of his mouth,” but the way he looked with that open-mouthed, empty gaping stare — what Jon Stewart termed “Resting 25th Amendment Face.” 

“It looked like somebody just thought he left the stove on. The last time CNN covered someone this lost, I gotta go back to that Malaysian airplane…,” he said. 

“At one point Trump was winning so much, he started to talk about golf,” Maher laughed. 

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But on top of all that, because former MSNBC “journalist” Chris Matthews was visiting, we got a bonus freak out from him as well that we can laugh at. This is just ridiculous malarkey. Matthews thinks Trump is going to go after commentators like him. 

“Trump has made sure I’m going to get even with half of this country that’s probably going to vote against me. He’s going after public officials, he’s going after commentators, he’s going to go after editorial writers, he’s going to go after everybody. So it’s not going to be a free country.

No, dear, you do yourself in every day. No need for anyone else to do anything. 

Trump has said his “retribution” will be success — that’s what they’re truly afraid of. That people will be free of the media and the government control/influence. 

Good for Tulsi Gabbard, who pointed out the real problem came from the Biden side, noting, “The erosion of free speech, the targeting of political opponents has actually occurred under the Biden administration.”

Maher reiterated what he’s been saying for a while: Biden is going to lose. And he pointed out the CNN flash poll that said Trump won by 67 percent. Matthews proposed swapping in California Gov. Gavin Newsom. 

But Matthews points out the problem here with this idea is Kamala Harris for the Democrats. 

So they’re stuck in a box, and it’s a problem of their own making. They’ve known for so long Biden has had a problem, they just refused to admit it, but now it’s coming back to bite them in the butt, and they don’t know what to do. They deserve all the mocking and criticism they’re getting.

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