British firm's ultra-light, rapid-charging EV sports car hits the road

“Our Nyobolt EV demonstrates the efficiency gains facilitated by our fast-charging, longer-life battery technology, enabling capacity to be right-sized while still delivering the required performance.”

The firm has worked with Warwick-based design agency Callum – creator of the small and light Skye EV sports car – to engineer the prototype for low-volume production. It says it could be offered as either a road-going sports car or a dedicated track-day toy but has not given any projected timeframes or volume ambitions yet. 

It says its battery production plans are more advanced, however, and that low-volume output could begin this year, ramping up to 1000 batteries next year. Ultimately, it says it could produce two million units per year using its “flexible” manufacturing model. 

Nyobolt co-founder and CEO Sai Shivareddy told Autocar that the unveiling of the prototype last year “really accelerated our discussions with the OEMs, especially how our technology could solve some of the issues that are holding back EV adoption”. 

The firm is in talks with eight vehicle manufacturers interested in the technology, he said. 

Shivareddy did not disclose details of these interested parties but said: “Our initial focus is on the premium segment but we definitely see a place in the enthusiast and performance sectors.

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