Casa dels Gegants in Lleida, Spain

With historical sites like the imposing Seu Vella Cathedral and the medieval Templar castle of Gardeny, Lleida offers a rich cultural experience. Visitors can also explore the Casa dels Gegants (“House of Giants”), part of the Museum of Popular Culture of Lleida.

The Festivals of Giants and Big-Headed Figures are Catalan folk traditions that date back to the Middle Ages. They feature parades and performances with giant and big-headed figures representing historical, mythological, and everyday characters. The giants, made of wood, cardboard, and fabric, can be several meters high and are carried by people hiding inside them, while the large-headed figures have small bodies and often appear rather comical. These figures move to the rhythm of traditional music and are usually accompanied by other cultural expressions such as dances and fireworks.

Opened in 2014, the Casa dels Gegants houses an extensive collection of figures used in local festivals. Among them are famous giants such as Marc Antoni and Cleopatra, and large-headed figures that represent various characters. This museum not only exhibits the figures, but also provides information about the history and cultural significance of this tradition. In addition, the museum organizes workshops and activities to encourage participation in these festivals and their preservation.

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