Chuck Todd, Politico Muckety-Muck Admit Top Democrats Worried About Biden's Mental Decline 'for Years'

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It sometimes seems surrealistic that it was just two weeks ago as I write that President Joe Biden suffered a historic and humiliating mental collapse during his debate with former President Donald Trump. 

Yet, here we are.

While Biden’s complete cognitive meltdown was hardly a surprise to those of us who have ignored the propaganda from the White House, along with that from the left-wing media sock puppets, even I was surprised by his catastrophic failure. Toss in his equally disastrous interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, and Joe’s infamous place in presidential history was sealed. 

But here’s the thing…

As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported on Wednesday, even former NBC “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd now admits that a senior Biden cabinet official told him in 2022 that he didn’t see how Biden could run for reelection, given his declining mental acuity. 

Chuck Todd Drops Troubling Admission on What a Senior Cabinet Sec. Told Him
About Biden Two Years Ago

Now, in a stunning exchange on Todd’s latest podcast, both he and Politico senior political columnist Jonathan Martin admitted that top Democrats have been saying “for years” that Biden’s cognitive decline scared the bejesus out of them, as the duo described the embattled president’s deterioration as an “open secret” and a “simmering conversation.”

Martin kicked off the exchange.

Chuck, I’m just skeptical [Biden’s] ever going [to drop out of the campaign], even if he has a terrible [NATO] press conference [Thursday night]. The politicians in the Democratic party have shown in the last few days that a lot of them simply don’t have the courage of their convictions. They simply aren’t going to stand up and say in public what they have been telling folks like us in private for years. This is not a new story!

Todd was all over it.

Jon, I’m not going to out the cabinet secretary, but I had a cabinet secretary two years ago— okay, two years ago, out of the blue ask me: ‘Do you really think he can—he can’t run again like this.’ And I said, ‘You have more interaction that I do’ and he said, ‘I don’t have a lot of interaction with him.’ This is a pretty senior cabinet secretary and this was two years ago. This is one of those classic open secrets—nonversation, right? It’s the story everybody knows and everybody was afraid to talk about.

Stop the tape. 

That singular back-and-forth alone shows why it’s a fool’s game to trust or believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a left-wing “journalist.” Where was Chuck Todd for three years or more on what might very well prove to be the biggest political scandal in American history?

They then went back and forth.

JM: Chuck we have actually had this conversation about the nonversation last year.

CT: I know we did.

JM: You used that word [“nonversation”].

CT: Yes, we’ve chronicled this. Look for those who want to say the media’s—look, the media’s as good as the sources that don’t lie to us are. 

JM: Exactly!

Todd then beclowned himself about the role of a journalist.

And I always say that there are certain things about out job. The job of a journalist—to me…your first job as a journalist is to observe. And sometimes the most important observations are what don’t happen versus what does happen.

To simply “observe,” Mr. Todd, or to also report about what you see and what you learn? You did “none of the above” during your stint as host of “Meet the Press,” with respect to negative news about Democrats.

Yet, Martin played right along: “Absolutely. The dog that is not barking.”

Uh-huh, fool, please.

Then this beauty, beginning with Todd:

How many times have you said to me, ‘When are you having Biden on the show.’ I’d say, ‘You tell me. I haven’t had Biden on “Meet the Press” since June of 2020; an interview when he was in his basement.’ Hasn’t done a Sunday show since…They were not putting him out for years….

Martin feigned (I think) ignorance: 

He stayed in the proverbial basement well after 2020, For those of us who have talked about it, covered…the idea there was some grand media cover up is laughable, because it was a simmering conversation that was written about, we talked about it. But, yeah, you’re right. What stopped it from becoming more of a conversation was Democratic leaders, much like GOP leaders.

What “stopped it from becoming more of a conversation” was the left-wing lapdog media’s refusal to break it wide open.

The Bottom Line

The quasi-official Democrat media is panicking. They don’t know what to do. They have been up to their lying eyes covering up for Joe Biden since at least the 2020 presidential primaries. 

Now, over the course of the last two weeks, the cover has been blown off the whole putrid charade. They were complicit from the start. They know it. We know it. They know we know it. And we know they know we know it. And they hate that.

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