C'mon Man! Let's Have Some Debate Fun With a Whole Lot of Joe Biden Mockery

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We’ve all been anticipating this first debate with bated breath, I think. 

It means a lot with the future of the country hanging in the balance and the incredible importance of defeating Joe Biden. 

But there’s also doubtless going to be some fun moments. You can bet your bottom dollar that Biden is going to be lying his head off and losing his mind when former President Donald Trump challenges him or dunks on him. 

In anticipation of the debate, people were posting a lot of fun videos of Biden as well as a variety of Biden bingo cards of things you know he’s going to say.

We reported on some of the fun real ads and mock ones that were out there earlier. 


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Here’s some more fun. 

This targets Joe Biden’s ridiculous origin stories, where he pretends to be everything to everyone and is really nothing but trouble to anyone. 

If we drink every time Biden lies, we’re all going to be in a lot of trouble. 

Then there are also the debate bingo cards. 

Things that you could probably bet on? Biden looking confused, calling Trump a convicted felon, trying to throw Mary Trump in his face to show that “Even his family member supports me,” calling him a threat to democracy, and blaming Trump for the border and Jan. 6. Plus, Biden lying about his “accomplishments” and not being fact-checked by the moderators. 

If it’s about the economy and Biden’s record, Trump wins. But Biden and probably CNN will try to make it about anything but, and instead will make it about attacking Trump. As we saw earlier, CNN’s Kasie Hunt even asked if Trump “deserved” a handshake from Biden — that’s the bias we’re going to see on display. That’s a lot for Trump to wade through, but if he sticks to the points for the American people, Biden will lose, no matter what the media says.

Biden is the one who has everything to lose here. He’s the one who has to try to convince people he’s competent and coherent, because we’ve all seen he isn’t. If Biden crashes and burns, then the question becomes, when will the move to replace him shift back into high gear? If he can’t gain anything from this debate, bet on that coming back up. 


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