Cold-Footed Woman Dials 911 to Avoid Going on Date

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This story is about an individual who took “ghosting” to a whole new level. This peculiar tale takes us to North Liberty, Iowa, where a woman came up with a rather bizarre but creative way to get out of a date.

18-year-old Sumaya Thomas dialed 911 after midnight on June 16 and told authorities that an abusive ex-boyfriend was sending her threatening messages.

In a criminal complaint, police said 18-year-old Sumaya Thomas called 911 just after midnight on June 16 to report that her abusive ex-boyfriend was texting her, threatening to hit, punch, kick and stab her. She also allegedly reported that she was pregnant with the man’s baby.

However, officers found the man leaving the scene. He reportedly told officers he had only just met Thomas about a week ago on a dating app. They then changed from talking via the app to exchanging text messages.

The man showed police the text conversation, which officers said corroborated his story.

When officers interviews Thomas, they said she reported having known the man for two years and that she was pregnant with his baby, and that he had been abusive to her and wouldn’t leave her alone.

After a third interview, police said Thomas admitted to making the false reports because she got cold feet before meeting him and no longer wanted to.

Thomas told the authorities that she made up the story because she did not believe they would help her get out of the date otherwise. Forget Netflix and chill, this woman decided to go straight for “Law and Order: Special Cold Feet Unit.”

On a serious note, there are several problems with this story. For starters, there are much easier ways to get out of a date. Whatever happened to saying you had a headache, developed an unsightly rash, or that your dog died? The fact that she went straight to calling the police suggests this lady has more than a few screws loose.

Even further, it is not hard to imagine how horrible this situation could have become. What if police hadn’t done their due diligence and arrested the man before finding out he wasn’t guilty of a crime? This night could have ended far worse for the poor sap.

Lastly, these types of calls happen more often than we think. I’ve spoken to a police officer who told me about getting BS calls like this that lead nowhere. What is dangerous about this is that while law enforcement personnel are dealing with erroneous reports, they are being distracted from going after actual bad guys who might hurt others.

I’m not sure what kind of punishment Thomas deserves, but she definitely should face some type of accountability. There were plenty of other ways she could have avoided going out with this person. Or perhaps she could have sucked it up and let him take her to dinner or whatever young people do after midnight these days. Maybe he was her soulmate?

Either way, you must remember, dear reader, if you’re not sure about a date, it is much easier (and safer) to just fake an illness than a crime scene.

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