Collection of Old Engraved Stones in Panaji, India

Next to the Archaeological Museum of Goa in the historic precinct of Old Goa is an impressive collection of stones from across the centuries. They have been kept along the side of the walkway like an open-air museum.

These crumbling grey and green stone vestiges show details from the Portuguese Era. Many of the large stone slabs display coats of arms of governors, viceroys, and bishops. There are also tombstones of important figures and their families.

There are also broken pieces of intricate architecture, ornamental blocks with motifs and symbols, lintel stones, finials, broken pieces of columns, architectural fragments, and decorative stone blocks. The inscriptions and the carved intricacies are in good order despite a considerable passage of time.

The collection has been neatly arranged along a rectangular pathway for visitors. There are information plaques next to the stones.

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