Cringe: Jill Biden Hardest Hit As Infamous Clip of Her Promoting Joe's Supposed Magnificence Resurfaces

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It’s hard to pinpoint which moment was more cruel: First Lady Jill Biden pushing her husband behind the scenes to run for reelection in the first place, allowing him to get on the debate stage Thursday night knowing the condition he was in, or how she treated him like a nine-year-old after the debate was over in a very disturbing scene.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain: Jill Biden is indeed a cruel woman and one whose cruelty knows no bounds.

We’ve documented it extensively here, including in a piece I wrote a year ago on the subject:

It’s just cruel at this point to push him into trying to go the distance one more time, but here we are, because Jill Biden – as she’s said before – is bound and determined to not be known as just a powerful politician’s wife. From all appearances, she wants something more, perhaps the trappings of a presidency itself, without putting in the level of work the candidates themselves ideally have to in order to get there.

Others have noticed, too, because how can you not?

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In the aftermath of Thursday night’s carnage on CNN, talk of “elder abuse” is everywhere, with folks once again raising the issue of why Jill Biden has enabled this to the point she’s the driving force behind Joe Biden’s inevitable public embarrassments and missteps.

Unfortunately for her, comments she made a month ago during an interview with “The View” have resurfaced, and they paint her in an even worse light the day after the worst presidential debate performance in modern history – perhaps ever.

Here’s how the conversation went down:

JOY BEHAR: What do we have to do to tell people that the man is competent, alert, and doing the job and it’s not about his age? The other one is doddering and doesn’t remember anything and can’t put a sentence together and has like brain farts in the middle of a paragraph and they go after Joe.


JILL BIDEN: No, they built that in where they’re gonna turn off the mics so that somebody can’t ramble or scream at somebody, you know, not that my husband would be the one doing that.

And so, that’s already been negotiated and, you know, I think — but I think the American people deserve a debate because you need to see your choices. You need to see Trump and you need to see the President and you need to see the differences. And my husband — and you’re going to see how smart he is and the experience he has and then you’ll see somebody who, like you’re saying, I’m gonna use Joy’s words, can’t put a sentence together and everything is beautiful and it is wonderful-


And yet despite a nightmarish performance from Joe Biden Thursday night that confirmed what his critics have been saying about him all along, Jill Biden continues to push forward, seemingly ignoring the “step down” chatter in favor of soldiering on in hopes that no one will notice how the elephant in the room has roared to life at the worst possible time for Joe Biden:

Just unspeakably selfish and cruel. There’s just no other way to put it. As my colleague Brandon Morse said, shame on you, Jill Biden. Shame on you.

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