Cyril Callister Museum in Beaufort, Australia

Opened in May 2023 (the 100th anniversary of the invention of Vegemite), this quirky little museum resides in servo@23, a repurposed ‘50’s petrol station in Beaufort, Victoria. Travelers from Melbourne en route to the Grampians drive right past it. 

The museum is primarily an ode to Cyril Callister, the chemist who invented Australia’s most famous condiment, in addition to cheese in a can. Callister was born in Chute, roughly 10 kilometers from here, in 1893, and would later go onto work for Kraft. When he first released his tar-black yeast extract, he was met with skepticism. Yet the umami-loaded paste quickly developed a devoted local following—even if it remains more divisive abroad.

Half the museum has memorabilia donated by Vegemite lovers from all over the world and the other half is merchandise and art painted by the local secondary college. Exhibitions include oil drums painted to resemble Vegemite, as well as a painted backdrop for taking the obligatory selfies. There are also looks at Vegemite’s many iterations through the ages, including a few controversial offerings like Vegemite Oreos.

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