Dem Insiders Have Delusional Answer to Biden's Mental Woes: More Makeup and Better Lighting

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After the Hur classified docs report dropped February 5, Bidenworld went into full panic mode because—although the special prosecutor unbelievably declined to file charges despite massive evidence that the president broke laws in retaining highly sensitive material in his garage, his home, and the Biden Penn Center—they nevertheless painted a devastating picture of Biden’s declining mental health and swiss cheese memory.


Predictable: Special Counsel Lets Biden Off the Hook in Classified Documents Case

Even Without Recommending Criminal Charges, What the Hur Report Says About Joe Biden Is Devastating

But some Dems think they have the (ludicrous) answer: coat Biden in more makeup and improve his lighting so he doesn’t look like he has one foot in the grave.

Democratic operatives and consultants have chipped in with advice: Spend a whole lot more time working on his makeup and lighting, they tell Biden aides, or finally accept that the arthritis explanations aren’t working and start having him do more events where he starts out seated instead of being photographed shuffling to a podium.

Other Democrats are blunter, reacting with rage when talking about the president still going on bike rides after his 2022 tumble on camera (which he got right up from) or going shirtless on the beach last summer. At this existential moment for American democracy, they say, a faltering president is too often too close to a costly embarrassing moment.

Notice how the always Biden apologist CNN is quick to point out that Biden “got right up” after his embarrassing fall. Yes, but he virtually face-planted just trying to bring his bike to a stop. Not a good look.

He also wiped out at an Air Force commencement in June of 2023 and has fallen several times trying to climb the steps of Air Force One. 

There’s an old saying, “Put lipstick on a pig; it’s still a pig.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not calling the president a swine, although some of his actions have been pretty piggish. But the point is there’s not enough makeup in the world to hide his obvious inability to be the leader of the free world. 

Even Democrats are now admitting it:

“The cake is already baked,” a despondent former Biden White House aide told The Post. “Most Democrats feel that way about the president already. They think he’s effective and a good person, but nobody really wants him to run. ..and Democrats don’t have the guts to try and remove him from the ticket.”

Longtime Democratic consultant James Carville said the issue of Biden’s mental condition had so harmed his chances in November that a criminal conviction of Donald Trump, his likely opponent, is the president’s only hope.

“We’re officially in Hail Mary mode here,” Carville told The Hill Saturday.

We’ve reached a sad point in our country when the answer to a failed presidency is more L’Oreal and maybe some Vaseline on the camera lens.

It’s not going to work, folks. People see what’s happening here, and it’s not pretty, and anyone who’s being honest will admit that it cannot continue.

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