DIY Slap Bracelets are Easy to Make!

You won’t believe how easy it is to make homemade slap bracelets. I mean, slap bracelets seem a little magical with their self-closing ability with the flick of the wrist. And surprisingly, slap bracelets can be made at home with a few common household items. This slap bracelet craft is better suited for older kids and this project does need adult supervision.

Let’s make our own slap bracelet!

DIY Slap Bracelets for Older Kids & Teens

Remember slap bracelets from way back in the 1990s? Slap bracelets are also known as snap bracelets, slap band or slap wrap. Now you can make your own snap bracelet with just a few supplies.

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We love making our own jewelry and this homemade bracelet is part toy.

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How to Make Homemade Slap Bracelets

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Slap Bracelet

Directions for Slap Bracelet Craft

Step 1

DIY Slap Bracelets - step 1 - cut measuring tape into 6 inch pieces for each bracelet
Each slap bracelet needs 6 inches of measuring tape.

Use the screw driver to remove the outer casing of your measuring tape. Cut off the metal end of the tape and then cut a piece that is 6 inches long. You’ll need a 6-inch piece for each slap bracelet that you want to make.

Step 2

Use the scissors to round the edges of the piece of measuring tape.

Step 3

DIY Slap Bracelets - step 3 - fold the measuring tape back on itself placing the numbers on the outside
Fold the tape so when it rolls the numbers are on the outside.

Curl the tape back onto itself, bending it back so that it rolls with the numbered side up. You’ll start to feel it become more malleable. You’ll know it’s ready when you can slap it onto your wrist and it wraps around it!

Step 4

DIY Slap Bracelets step 4 - cover the measuring tape fully with duct tape cut larger than the tape segment
Now let’s decorate your slap bracelet!

Cut a piece of duct tape just larger than your bracelet. Lay it onto the numbered side of your measuring tape, and wrap it around the tape to the back side. Cut a smaller piece to cover the remaining bracelet on the underside.

You can vary the patterns, colors and designs of the duct tape to create a whole slap bracelet collection!

Step 5

DIY Slap Bracelets completed shown in various patterns and colors
Oh all the pretty slap bracelet patterns!

Now your bracelets are ready to use! Time to start slapping!

Slap Bracelets Make Great Gifts

DIY Slap Bracelets finished on child's arm in various patterns and colors
I want one!

These homemade slap bracelets are the perfect gift for a friend. Make them together as friendship bracelets! This is a fun (supervised) craft for a slumber party or tween birthday party.

Create a colorful collection to give to a relative or neighbor. And while you may think of kids for this gift, anyone who might have worn them in the 1990s.

DIY Slap Bracelets are fun to give as gift - two slap bracelets on an arm
Slap bracelets are best when worn together.

Slap Bracelet Danger

Unfortunately, where childhood crazes go, the worried parents follow. When a four-year-old girl cut her finger on the sharp metal edges inside a cheap imitation slap bracelet, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection recalled all knock-off Slap Wraps. After more reports of slap bracelets gone wild came pouring in, the bracelets were also banned by schools in the state of New York.


So…please be careful. Cutting metal will leave sharp edges which is one of the reason we recommend only using patterned and colorful duct tape which can easily cover those sharp edges for safety.

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated Cost


  • Retractable measuring tape (hardware store version)
  • Decorative duct tape


  • Flat head screw driver
  • Scissors


  1. Using the screw driver, remove the casing from the retractable hardware store measuring tape and cut off the metal end with scissors.
  2. Cut the measuring tape into 6 inch segments – one for each slap bracelet you want to make.
  3. Round the edges of the 4 end corners with scissors.
  4. Curl the tape back onto itself, bending it so it rolls with the number side up. You will get to the point where you can slap it on your wrist (be careful!).
  5. Cut a piece of decorative duct tape just a little larger than your bracelet segment of measuring tape. Wrap it around covering all edges. Cut and fit additional pieces to completely cover the measuring tape.
  6. Time to test it out!

All The Steps Pictured to Make Your Own Bracelet

Steps to Make a homemade slap bracelet from a tape measure and duct tape - Kids Activities blog
Here are the simple steps to make a slap bracelet at home!

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What colors and patterns did you use for your DIY slap bracelets?

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