Edinburgh Manor in Monticello, Iowa

Nestled in the heartland of Iowa, Edinburgh Manor presents an alluring contradiction of history and mystery. This once bustling asylum, now a vestige of the past, calls to the curious and the brave, offering an immersive journey into the unexplained.

Constructed in the early 1900s, the Manor served as a sanctuary for the indigent, elderly, and mentally ill. It remained in operation until 2010. Today, its halls whisper tales of its former residents, many of whom spent their final days within its austere walls.

Today, Edinburgh Manor is recognized not for its philanthropic origins, but for its spectral inhabitants. This realm of the ethereal has become a beacon for paranormal enthusiasts, daring them to uncover the manor’s secret narratives.

Amidst crumbling bricks and timeworn corridors, visitors often report encounters with the inexplicable, from fleeting apparitions to spectral whispers to an unsettling presence that lingers long after leaving. Visitors are invited to test their nerves with what has to be one of the most unnerving overnight stays anywhere.

Don’t expect much in the way of comfort. There’s no heat or running water and the bedding situation is strictly BYO air mattress or sleeping bag. We would advise traveling with a larger group, not only because the rate is cheaper per person, but also for more moral support when you hear the floorboards creak around 3 a.m.

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