Eminem and Roger Goodell opened the 2024 NFL Draft

In the most “bold move Cotton” play in recent NFL Draft history, Roger Goodell tried to mitigate the boos he was going to receive in Detroit by invoking the help of Eminem.

The video ran before the Bears went on the clock, and showcased some of the biggest football stars in Detroit history, along with one of the city’s most notable musicians. Was it cheesy? Absolutely. Did we need it? Not at all. Was this still more entertaining that most pre-draft videos you could make featuring Roger Goodell? Yes.

It’s Rog we’re talking about here. The man could eat newspaper and complain that it was spicy. Goddell took the stage to massive booing, which we all expected — and was quickly followed by a clapping Eminem, which more or less achieved the goal.

The saving grace of the Eminem appearance is this could have been so much worse. The NFL could have called on Kid Rock.

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