Eye-Opening Voter Registration Numbers in June Should Raise More Concerns for Dems

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The list of things going wrong for the Democrats seems to keep piling up by the minute, and this latest news could be detrimental to not just the top-of-the-ticket but also down-ballot candidates. 

Michael Pruser focuses on turnout and voter registration for Decision Desk HQ, and he released a list of all party voter registration changes in the month of June. 

Due to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ leadership, Florida has turned from a swing state to a red state under his governorship, but that was not the biggest surprise from the June voter registration changes. 

The state that had the biggest Republican registration total was the blue state of New Jersey. Yes, there are many conservatives in New Jersey, but they have a Democrat governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state legislature, so to see this shift in registration numbers is definitely eye-opening. 

Prior to Trump’s rally in New Jersey, William Atkins, who is a Seton Hall University student, had this to say about the state of play and the importance of the New Jersey GOP:

It means that there is momentum in New Jersey. It means that Trump is paying attention to the numbers, and I’d just like to give the NJ GOP a shoutout with this because they are doing an amazing ground game at registering new party voters. And in New Jersey, over the past few months, we’ve had double the Republican registrations than Democrat registrations, and so for a blue state, it really puts an emphasis on what can happen in November.

In 2020, Biden received 57.1 percent of the vote, while Trump received 41.3 percent. Based on the registration numbers, it will be much closer in 2024. 

In terms of net gain, Florida GOP is the winner, as they added over 23 thousand voters, while Democrats lost 522 voters, and 15 thousand voters registered as No Party Preference, Libertarian, or Green Party. 

Another state to note is North Carolina. They currently have Democrat Governor Roy Cooper at the helm, but according to the registration numbers from the month of June, the GOP has gained over 15 thousand voters, while Democrats have lost 915 voters, and third parties have gained 55 thousand voters. This could be a sign that North Carolina will not only hold their majority in the state legislature but also elect Republican Mark Robinson as governor. 

The tide is turning, not just in Florida and New Jersey, but in many states that are fed up with Democrat policies, and they will make their voices heard in November at the ballot box. 

In July, the registration changes for Arizona, Maine, and California will also be released. 

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