Former Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe Passes, and the Press Turn Into Disgusting Animals

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It’s been said many times before, but you don’t hate the press enough. You think you do, but you don’t. No matter how much you think you’ve figured out their depravity, there is always a lower level they are willing to stoop to. 

That was on display on Tuesday after news broke that former Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe passed at the age of 89. Serving Oklahoma for over 50 years, the former senator resigned in 2023. Given the situation, one would think this would be a time for the press to give Inhofe’s family some space and grace. Instead, they decided to act like disgusting animals. 

Here’s how Reuter’s opened its report on Inhofe’s death.

WASHINGTON, July 9 (Reuters) – Oklahoma Republican James Inhofe, a mainstay of the ideological right in the U.S. Congress and champion of American military strength who derided as a hoax the notion that human activities drove climate change and fought environmental regulations, died on Tuesday at age 89.

That is followed not by a description of his accomplishments or the family he left behind, but by over a dozen paragraphs detailing all the times Inhofe questioned “climate change.” The lack of basic decency is gross if not completely unsurprising. 

Many Democrats have passed away during my time writing on politics. Not once have I ever felt the need to bring up whatever political positions they held that I disagreed with when commenting on their deaths. Why? Because I’m a human being who doesn’t seek to gloat over the demise of others. That’s a lot more than anyone can say for the “journalists” who make up the mainstream press. 

Besides, was Inhofe wrong, for example, when he said Al Gore’s self-serving rantings were a “hoax?” Because last I checked, much of what the former vice president turned wealthy climate activist predicted 15 to 20 years ago has failed to come to pass. Polar bears aren’t extinct, there’s still ice in the Arctic Ocean, and Florida has not been overtaken by rising sea levels. 

At best, the situation is complicated enough that attacking Inhofe post-mortem over his views on “climate change” is ghoulish. Even if one disagreed with his views, the time to worry about that was when he was alive. Unless someone was objectively evil, and Inhofe was not, they should be remembered in non-controversial terms. Inhofe was a family man and accomplished pilot whose life was about far more than his views on “climate change.”

The press has no boundaries. Don’t be fooled by their newfound desire to attack the Biden administration over the president’s ongoing senility. They are the same people they’ve always been. It was only a matter of time before they showed it again. 

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