Fortnite players can now build their own Lego games

The worlds of Lego and Fortnite are continuing to intertwine. At its State of Unreal keynote at GDC, Epic announced that, starting today, creators will now be able to use Lego templates and other Lego-branded elements to craft their own games inside of Fortnite. The Lego tools will be available in both Fortnite Creative and the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN).

Like all other user-made games in Fortnite, Lego games are eligible for payouts through the game’s creative economy, though it sounds like there are more restrictions compared to typical Fortnite Creative islands. In particular, Lego says that “all published Lego Islands must have an ESRB rating of E10+ to be accessible to players in the United States, and a PEGI rating of 7 to be accessible to players in most of Europe.”

Meanwhile, Lego is continuing to build up a library of games inside of Fortnite. December saw the launch of the survival game Lego Fortnite, which was followed by two more titles in February. Today’s announcement included three more Lego games coming to Fortnite: Prop Hunt, Battle Arena, and Cat Island Adventure (which looks absolutely adorable).

In addition to the Lego news, Epic also announced that elements from two other games will be making their way to UEFN creators. That includes race track templates from Rocket Racing as well as assets, animations, and, uh, beans from the party game Fall Guys (which Epic acquired in 2021). The Rocket Racing options are available now, while Fall Guys launches in May.

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