Free Pokemon Coloring Pages with Video Drawing & Coloring Tutorial

Here are some free Pokemon coloring pages for kids who love Pokemon Go!  It might be nice to sit down and relax with Pikachu coloring pages, and coloring pages that feature your favorite Pokemon characters: Sandshrew, Geodude, Diglet, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, charmander, Butterfree, Caterpie, Jigglypuff, Snolax and Meowth.

These cute Pokemon coloring pages include all your favorite characters!

Favorite Pokemon Coloring Pages for Kids

These Pokemon coloring pages were created for Kids Activities Blog by Natalie.  Over 39K people viewed her tutorial video on coloring Pokemon when she went live on our Quirky Momma FB page.  Most of the 815 comments were asking for Pokemon characters, but this one had me smiling…

Hi Natalie , great as usual! You are so talented and thank you for sharing your art.  –Debra W

Why Pokemon Coloring Pages?

Here at Kids Activities Blog we are a little Pokemon-obsessed just like so many who watched Natalie’s live.  Another comment on the video tutorial:

I wish I was that talented. Oh and I like pokemon.

-Ashley C

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And that is exactly why we created these Pokemon coloring pages.  Click the red button to download the Pokemon coloring pages now:

It has Natalie’s original drawings of Pokemon characters for you to download and color…almost like your own Pokemon coloringbook!  We are also including her Pokemon drawing tutorial video below along with the instructions and supplies list because you too can draw and color just like Natalie!

Download & Print Free Pokemon Coloring Pages

This 5 page Pokemon coloring page pdf pack is full of fun — look for the download button below to grab the entire set for free.  Craftily bind them together for a customized coloring book.  Grab your colored pencils, crayons or markers and sit down to relax and color.

1. Free Pikachu Coloring Page

Pokemon Coloring Page - Pikachu and Magnemite

The first coloring sheet shows Pikachu surrounded by Magnemite.

2. Squirtle and Charmander Coloring Page

Pokemon Coloring Page - Squirtle Bulbasaur and Charmander

Next you will color Squirtle and Charmander high-fiving over Bulbasaur.

3. Butterfree and Caterpie Coloring Page

Pokemon Coloring Page - Butterfree and Caterpie

The third printable shows Butterfree and Caterpie.

4. Sandshrew, Geodude and Diglet Coloring Page

Pokemon Coloring Page - Sandshrew Geodude and Diglet

On this free coloring sheet, Sandshrew, Geodude and Diglet are ready.

5. Jigglypuff, Snorlax and Meowth Coloring Page

Pokemon Coloring Page - Jigglypuff Snorlax and Meowth

And finally, let’s all take a rest with Jigglypuff, Snorlax and Meowth!  See the zzzzz’s and music.

Download & Print Pokemon Coloring Pages PDF File Here

Enjoy creating your own personal Pokemon colouring book.  Now for more Pokemon art fun with Natalie…

Watch Natalie Draw & Color Pokemon Characters [Video Tutorial]

Natalie is the 16 year old artist behind Drawing with Natalie – an art show on Quirky Momma.  Each episode includes an original coloring page for you to download & print plus a tutorial on coloring ideas, shading tips and more. 

Tonight’s episode tackles all things Pokemon!

Pokemon Drawing & Coloring Instructions

Here is the video transcription if you want to follow along with written instructions:

Hi everyone, it’s Natalie and tonight, as I stated yesterday, I will be drawing various Pokemon for you guys to celebrate about one week of Pokemon Go. I thought that this would be a lot of fun for you guys to do. I mean for you guys to watch. 

I’ll be drawing Pokemon to your requests, so in the comments, tell me what Pokemon you want me to draw. Hopefully I’ll get to all of them, I can guarantee that I won’t draw every single Pokemon mentioned in the comments because they’re just too many. 

I can only draw so fast, but I’ll be drawing lots of Pokemon and don’t get your feelings hurt if I don’t draw yours. It’s really hard for me to draw all of them, so if I see it in the comments a lot or very often, I’m more likely to draw it I think. So, thank you guys for watching. 

I’ll go over the supplies that I’m using first. This is Strathmore toned gray paper, this is my favorite for colored pencil drawings. I’ll be using a regular mechanical pencil to sketch out everything, a Copic multiliner pen, which is just an ink pen to outline. Then I’ll be using Prismacolor colored pencils to color. 

Another piece of news, I’ve made coloring pages for you guys to download and print for free. You can find those in the video’s description. I linked some of some honey bees that you can print.

[1:21]  There’s more. Oops, it looks like the video cut out there for a second. I’m sorry about that if the video cuts out at all. I’m really sorry ahead of time. [1:30]  But you guys start sending me some Pokemon that you want me to draw, and I will begin drawing them.

[1:40]  Okay, so the first one I read was Charmander. So I’ll draw that, I forgot to turn on my DS for reference pictures [1:47] this is like the easiest form of access and it doesn’t require any internet at all. [1:50] I’ll just, using my 3DS with my Pokemon game, I’ll pull it up on the pokey decks and then draw it from that. I think that’s easiest. Give me [2:06] a moment as this loads.

[2:09]  Again for any of you that come in late. I’m using this for my reference because there’s all the Pokemon pictures [2:14] on it. Okay, Should have [2:26] turned this on ahead of time, I apologize. 

But we’re going to start with Charmander today. [2:35] Make it bigger on the page, I don’t really have a specific [2:41] place I need to put all of them. So I’m just going to kind of draw all over the place [2:46] one going over here, one over there. 

Doesn’t really matter where but I’ll just try to take up the entire page with Pokemon. So Charmander, I’m just starting with this little head. It’s an interesting little shape at the top and the bottom is almost like another shape attached to it. [3:10]  Drawing his little nostrils and where it’s mouth is, [3:18] and now for it’s eyes. 

So after [4:30] sketching it, I’m going to outline it with my ink pen. Whenever I draw cartoony things, ink pens are usually my favorite. I don’t really like to color them realistically without any outline because the outline really helps with that cartoonish look to it.

[4:50]  So, just a quick outline. [4:53] This works better if you have different sized pens because you can make the outermost line thicker and it kinda helps make it more bold I guess as an image.

[5:17]  Charmander has these eyebrow indentations. I really like those because it helps [5:23] give a lot of his expression.

[5:54]  I messed up on his nails. Well guys these drawings will not be perfect because my goal for today is, I draw as many Pokemon as I can for you guys. So [6:06] don’t worry about the little details. [6:08]  Okay, after sketching him I’m going to erase the pencil marks beneath [6:12] him and then I’ll color him in. 

Traditionally I’d like to keep the outer lines a little bit thicker. [6:21]  Unfortunately I only have this one size pen. [6:23] So other sizes really do help with varying the sizes and just makes the picture look a bit better.

[6:41]  Oh wait, hold on, I might have a different one actually. [6:52]  Okay, this one I think is brown but I don’t think you’ll be able to tell from the camera. These are a different brand of ink pens. These are Microns, that’s it.

[7:03]  These are just as good, except if you’re using a Copic marker, the Copic multiliners work a lot better because those are designed to not blend in the ink. But for just simple drawings like this, [7:15] they work pretty well.

[7:24]  Usually, whenever I ink things I have to be up close to it. Right now I have to keep my head and my face, like at least a foot back from it because [7:32] otherwise, I mean, I usually am up close because it helps me keep focused and get the precise lines.

[7:43]  I’m not used to doing lining online. It’s kind of, I’m [7:46] kind of nervous right now trying to get all these lines to be precise. This foot looks a little wonky, but it’s okay.

[7:58]  As for the color, Charmander has these blue [8:02] eyes.

[8:27]  So, what I’m going to do is, since I’m not doing complicated shading tonight, I’m just going to color in [8:34] and parts that I think could be shaded a little I’ll put a lot of pressure there to create the illusion of a darker color, but really it’s just more concentrated.

[9:12]  Then Charmander’s stomach is yellow. That’s a very pale yellow though so bright yellow might not look the best but this pale yellow does the trick and before I forget I’m [9:27] going to color in the white part of his eye.

[9:31]  Here looking at the picture, his eyes are completely blue but I drew it with a little white part around it [9:38] so just gonna go with it. [9:42]  Then for his fire, [9:48] there we have a quick Charmander. 

So let’s see what Pokemon is next for comments. Oh someone said Piplup, that is a wonderful suggestion because [9:58] I love Piplup. In fact, I can draw that from memory. I don’t have to look at some reference. [10:09]  It’s like the one Pokemon I drew the most was piplup. So I think I have some memory of drawing it.

[10:54]  Guys, remember I can’t see all the comments and suggestions. So I guess if you time it just right and your comment comes up as I look up with the comment section for new Pokemons, [11:05] that’s good, because I’ll see it.

[11:07]  I’ll try to answer your questions if I see them. Most of the time, I’m probably going to see a lot of requests. [11:12] But if you guys have comments, ask them, just know that I may not be able to reach all of them.

[12:28]  One thing about using Microns is that you may want to let the ink dry a little extra time [12:34] compared to a Copic multiliners because I think that this definitely takes a little bit longer to dry. And you might smudge [12:41] it if you erase it right away. 

So [12:43] be careful with that. I’m not really trying to give expert advice on lining pictures right now because I’m trying to go really quickly so I can draw as many as I can. But that’s one thing, let the [12:58] the ink dry before erasing.

[13:04]  I could spend forever on these lines, but I know that I gotta move on because there’s more to draw. [13:12] So after I have Piplup outlined, I’ll color him. [13:26]  I’ll start with white here and [13:32] on its face.

[14:07]  I’ll use this golden rod color for, is it golden rod? Nope is Spanish orange. I cannot memorize these Prismacolor names honestly.  [14:22]  For the body, do that right now. [14:42] This blue may not be my favorite for this, but it’s the blue is that I found.

[15:17]  Okay, what’s next? Let’s see. Okay, someone said Oddish, Oddish should be an easy one. It’s really simple. Let me get a picture of it.

[15:34]  Scratch the brush, not the brush. But [15:37]the pen I’m using. I’m now going to switch to a brush pen. So I’ll have control [15:42] of the lines as I draw them. This way I can make them thicker [15:46] in some areas and thinner in others just with pressure, so I won’t have to go over the lines again.

[15:56]  Yeah, that’s a lot better. Oddish has this cute tiny little smile. [16:13] I’m coloring the eyes dark right here but don’t worry whenever I go in with the pencils I’ll change it. 

[16:29] I love this brush pen so much more than the others actually because it’s easier whenever I’m doing quick drawings like this. [16:47] So for those of you in the comments that play Pokemon, what is your favorite Oddish evolution?

[16:56]  Do you prefer Vileplume or do you prefer, oh shoot I forget, it’s Bellossom that’s it. [17:05] Sometimes whenever you draw you forget things like names.

[17:12]  Okay, if some of the Pokemon overlap each other, don’t mind that I’m gonna try to fill up the page, I think they’d look kind of cool if we have this Pokemon collage going on. [17:31] I found a good blue.

[17:56]  I don’t think you can see the red that well, but I’ll put down a little bit of red for Oddish’s red eyes and little bit of white to create a little bit of a reflection. I left my paint upstairs today but that’s okay because I didn’t think that it’d be needing it. I don’t really though.

[18:27]  Oh no, in the video you guys can’t see on Oddish’s face. I’m really sorry about that. Unfortunately this was the [18:34] blue I was using last night with the peacock that looked darker and more intense than it did in real life. So I’m sorry about the color differences. 

So I’m [18:44] about to look at the screen again for a new Pokemon. So tell me what you guys want. I’ll be looking right now. See, Eevee? Eevee was the first one I read. So I’ll be drawing Eevee. [19:03] Find Eevee, here’s Eevee.

[19:37]  For all of you in the comments, that have played Pokemon. What is your favorite Eevee evolution?

[19:43]  I haven’t decided on mine yet, because they’re all pretty cool. [19:50] Well, I have to say Florian doesn’t have that many good moves in the game. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what my favorite is. But tell me what are you guys’ favorites.

[20:37]  Wrong brush, not brush, pen.

[22:29]  I keep forgetting this ink needs a little while to dry so it keeps smudging. I apologize for that. [22:39] Let’s see as for colors, the inside of Eevee’s ears are dark brown. [22:52] I’d say that’s about the same color as it’s eyes right here.

[23:30]Almost forgot, Eevee just like Charmander has these little eyebrow indentations to give a little bit of personality.

[23:38] I think that’s adorable. Then Eevee has this really fluffy [23:45] front on it and that can be shaded with some light browns and a little bit of white.

[23:49]  So let’s see what’s another good Pokemon. Someone said Torchic. That’s a good one. [24:10] Torchic is pretty simple.

[24:59]  I think I made it’s eyes a little too high. [25:32]  This Torchic… Scratch that Torchic in the corner, I don’t like it that much. [26:10]  I’m liking this Torchic a lot better. This one’s cuter.

[26:33]  His little foot is hidden behind Piplup. Now to color it [26:42] start with a yellow right here.

[27:43]  Okay, I saw this requested earlier, I thought it would be a good idea. I don’t know if someone was going to say it again but [27:50] I’m going to draw Mew. Mew is one of the cutest legendary Pokemon for those of you who are playing [27:59] the original Pokemon game was red and blue.

[28:01]  Unfortunately you cannot obtain Mew anymore unless you lose. I mean unless you use this really weird glitch in the game. [28:09] I haven’t tried it yet but I was thinking about it because honestly those games, there is no way that you can get a Mew you ever again. 

[28:18]But you can use a glitch. [28:28] Shout out to Michelle who’s watching this. She was the one that wanted me to draw Mew.

[30:00]  I’m trying to perfect the lines here and at the same time I’m worrying about time. So, if ever you guys are trying to ink pencil drawings that you’ve made, make sure that you spend time on it and you can look at it closely. 

I think I’m a little out of practice with my lines because I don’t do it as often. I mostly shade things and color them, I don’t really do cartoon work anymore. I used to do a lot when I was younger [30:29] though, but I spent a lot of time on it to make it look really nice in my opinion.

[30:37]  But now I’m going to color Mew, starting with its eyes. [30:50] I don’t think I have the perfect Mew pink. But I do have a pink. This will do.

[31:10]  So let’s see what’s the next Pokemon, Doduo.

[34:05]  Just so you guys know, drawing like this is actually really good practice for all of you aspiring artists out there. If you just draw pictures with an ink pen, it really forces you to be precise with your movements and your marks because you don’t have the ability to go back and erase. 

It can be a little stressful, but you do learn to gain control of the pen and it’s something that I recommend you guys doing as an exercise. I know that in some of my art classes I’ve taken, my art [34:38] teachers would make me do stuff like that.

Where [34:42] the class would just draw something with ink or charcoal, something that you couldn’t really erase. That way you couldn’t get hung up over details that you just kept erasing and trying to perfect it.

[34:51]  I know that I do that with all my drawings, I draw in pencil first and then I try to perfect it to the best of my ability. But put in the situation where you’re forced to keep moving. I think that there is something to be learned from it. 

I mean, I wouldn’t recommend you do all of your drawings like that unless you want to, then [35:10] that’s a different story. But drawing where you don’t have the ability to erase, it is good for you, to force you to work a certain way with a pen. 

It’s good for learning how to draw the shapes of things. So I’d recommend you guys do that. So done with Doduo what’s next? [35:33] Someone says Jolteon.

[35:42]  There’s a lot of Kanto Pokemon here. Again, I mean, Pokemon X&Y did just come out and they’re all Kantos. So that’s what I expected.

[37:34]  For Jolteon, since Jolteon has complex lines just going to stick to it’s head right now and besides I couldn’t get to draw more of them. I feel like maybe just drawing the heads of the Pokemon might allow me to draw more of you guys’ requests because I know that there are a lot of them. 

I would love to draw as many as I can, but I’m limited on time. [37:54] But I keep going all over the places, like the order in which I was drawing, so first I was sketching in pencil then outlining with a certain pen but then I realized no, I don’t want that pen anymore. 

Then I changed the pen, then I changed it again and now I’m not even trying the pencil but that’s okay. So there’s Jolteon, what’s next? Let’s see, someone says Growlithe.

[38:35] Excuse me as a locate Growlithe in my pokey decks.

[38:48]  Think I keep passing it, oh there it is.

pokemon coloring sheets

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