Frida booth by Aaron Clarkson for Boss Design

Dezeen Showroom: furniture design brand Boss Design has released an enclosed single-person seating booth that facilitates both work and relaxation in busy open-plan interiors.

The Frida booth comprises a minimalistic seat that appears to float, which is surrounded on three sides by a padded screen that has sound-dampening effects and creates a sense of privacy.

A cushioned seat is surrounded by a privacy screen in the Frida booth

The seat is characterised by the exaggerated seamline that runs across the front of the cushion, as well a layer of moulded PE foam inside, which makes the seat both slimline in appearance and comfortable enough for long periods of use, according to the brand.

The designer envisages the booth to be used for working and unwinding in a variety of settings, from offices to airports. The empty space beneath the seat can be used for storing luggage, while the small wall-mounted table supports a lamp that casts a warm, cosy glow.

Frida booth by Boss Design
A variety of fabric options can be chosen from

The booth can be used either on its own or combined to create banks of seating arranged in various configurations.

A wide array of upholstery fabrics and textiles can be chosen from, as well as the option to add an integrated power bank.

Product details:

Product: Frida
Designer: Aaron Clarkson
Brand: Boss Design
Contact: [email protected]

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