Gary Player chip-in leaves Donald Trump in disbelief, fans left with evil Dictator vibes

A video surfaced Wednesday of Gary Player and Donald Trump enjoying a round of golf at Trump International Palm Beach Golf Club.

Player, the 9-time major champion, made an impressive chip-in shot during the round. At 88 years old, Player is still enjoying golf and likely breaking his age in score.

The legend hits his shot and immediately says, “There it is.” Player confidently put his hand on his hip and just watches the ball track perfectly into the hole.

Someone in the group yelled, “Oh! He made it!”

The video shows Trump throwing up his hands in disbelief and walking off. It does not seem he celebrated with the legendary golfer. However, the caddie wearing a MAGA hat congratulated Player on the shot and sounded ecstatic.

But notice the text on screen of the video.

“9X Major Champ Chipping In To Shoot 36 To Break Kim Jong Il’s 18 Hole Record Of 37.”

I don’t care who you are. That is flat out hilarious.

We aren’t the only ones who thought so either.

That is obviously playing off the theme of the North Korean dictator and his commonalities with former President Trump.

Trump has a propensity for stretching the truth, to put it lightly. He has also vocalized publicly his thoughts on extending a President’s tenure beyond the allowed two terms. Sound a little dictatorial?

To bring it back to golf; Player may be nearly 90 years of age, but he still a better player than most people on Earth. The South African maintains a strict workout and diet routine so he can continue to play golf.

This chip-in shot is also a reminder of how good his hands are around the green. He still has that touch required to make those shots.

It is uncertain who won between Trump and Player, but this shot appeared to be one of the highlights of the day.

Kendall Capps is the Senior Editor of SB Nation’s Playing Through. For more golf coverage, follow us @_PlayingThrough on all major social media platforms.

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