'Hard to Watch': The 'Obama Bros' Blister Biden in Podcast As Tensions Between the Two Camps Escalates

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While former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden have always put on a happy face* when together in public, or when talking about each other, rumors of tension between the Obama camp and the Biden camp have long persisted.

(*The exception being Obama reportedly saying: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to @#$% things up.”)

Now, as the cognitively vacant Biden fights for both his party’s 2024 nomination and what’s left of his disastrous presidency, former Obama advisors Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor, known as the “Obama Bros” during their tenure in the White House, took aim at Biden on Tuesday, dedicating the majority of their latest “Pod Save America” episode to blistering the embattled president for his humiliating performance in the June 27 presidential debate, and in a subsequent interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. 

Said Vietor about the Stephanopoulos interview:

I thought it was bad, and, at times, very hard to watch. In fairness to Biden, I don’t think that interview could have solved the political problem that stemmed from the debate.

Vietor added that the interview made him “more concerned” because Biden “struggled to speak in a clear, coherent way.”

Lovett agreed, saying the injurious interview “was a hard setting for him to succeed, even at his absolute best, because it’s hard to justify why it was more than a week after the debate, that it was so brief, and he was only doing one.”

The debate was just a bad night. We all saw it. The explanations are kind of vague… That doesn’t do enough to assuage our concerns about what we saw that night. Right? So, the explanations don’t offer anything.

If you’re going to raise the stakes on one interview, it can’t be another example of you being hard to understand, not because he’s soft, not because he’s mumbling, but because his train of thought doesn’t make sense. 

The stakes are incredibly high. Trump is an incredible threat, but either he will prosecute that case, or someone else will, and right now, we get neither.

“And right now, we get neither.” Exactly, Mr. Lovett, and do you know why? 

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Because your party and its sock puppets in the liberal media have done their damnedest for more than three years to try to cover up for your vegetable president. Moreover, “DEI hire” Kamala Harris, the word-salad queen, is not going to save your party from itself. It really is that simple.

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Favreau said that although Biden’s interview was “more coherent than the debate” (I disagree), he was “worried” that Biden’s lack of a coherent message meant he likely couldn’t make up for the debate going forward. He cited recent polling showing Biden trailing Trump in every key swing state.

What are you going to do to win over voters who are undecided between Biden and Trump when you have that message with George Stephanopoulos?

Zero, Mr. Favreau, zero.

Lovett later summed it up, perfectly.

That George Stephanopoulos interview was painful to watch. It was a terrible interview. He did a terrible job articulating why he’s in the race, what happened at the debate, and why he’s the person to beat Trump. He’s doing a terrible job.

As I wrote this article, I thought about the old saying: “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

Then again, don’t ever underestimate Joe’s ability to @#$% things up.

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