Here’s Blackmagic’s new immersive camera that might enable more Vision Pro content

Blackmagic announced a new camera yesterday that it says is part of a new Vision Pro-specific workflow that involves its DaVinci Resolve software. Called the URSA Cine Immersive, Blackmagic says this camera, that’s built on its URSA Cine platform, will let cinematographers shoot 90fps video in stereoscopic 3D video for the Vision Pro.

That and updates in the DaVinci Resolve video editing software will let filmmakers monitor footage right in Apple’s headset, export native Vision Pro video files, and more.

Blackmagic doesn’t say how much the camera will cost, but you and I won’t be able to just go buy one. (What we could likely buy is Canon’s upcoming stereoscopic camera lens.) Still, this thing’s existence in tandem with Blackmagic’s editing software updates could mean more filmmakers making content for the headset, which, so far, has had very little to tout.

That’s all well and good, but what I really want is for you to look at this thing. I mean, look at that picture up at the top — that’s the camera in all its assembled glory, with its matte black housing and early ’90s camcorder aesthetic. Then, come back down here and soak this camera up.

Here’s a version of the camera with all the exterior stuff taken off.

Now it just looks like part of a bizarre alien bug.

A close-up on those lenses — I swear, this thing could double as a miniature for a sci-fi movie. It’s not clear if this is a render, but look at this thing!

Another look at the camera from above.

And it’s drone-ready! You’d need something particularly beastly to get it airborne (which is very much what Blackmagic is doing here), but then again, if you can afford this camera, you can probably afford the industrial, maybe even custom-built drone it would take to let it fly.

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