Heritage throw by Plesner Patterns

Dezeen Showroom: traditional Scandinavian craft techniques such as weaving and wood carving are referenced in this woollen blanket created by Norwegian design studio Plesner Patterns.

Designer Kiki Plesner-Löfroth created the Heritage throw for her eponymous brand Plesner Patterns using 100 per cent merino wool to create a cosy and grounding feeling.

Heritage throws come in four colourways

Decorated with patches of soothing colours and flanked by rows of cream-coloured tassels, the throw is woven using herringbone and waffle weaving techniques – traditional methods that Norwegian artisans have used for centuries.

“The old, interpreted in a modern way gives associations to something from the past, something we recognise as comfortable and safe,” said Plesner Patterns. “The blanket becomes especially delightful when it’s being used, revealing new shapes and colours with every movement.”

Heritage throw by Plesner Patterns
They are made from merino wool

Blue and yellow colourways are added to the brand’s catalogue for 2024, alongside previously released versions in red and light blue as well as green and ochre colour combinations, both released in 2022.

The blankets are produced in Grinakervev, Norway and were awarded the Red Dot Award 2024 in the product design category.

Product details:

Product: Heritage throw
Designer: Kiki Plesner-Löfroth
Brand: Plesner Patterns
Contact: [email protected]

Material: 100 per cent merino wool
Colours/finishes: red/light blue, green/ochre, blue, yellow
Dimensions: 2000 x 1300 millimetres

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