Highest Toilet in Arizona in Fort Valley, Arizona

Near the summit of Agassiz Peak, the second-highest peak in Arizona, in the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort in the Coconino National Forest, an amenity to visitors has a curious designation. The public restroom on the slopes of the mountains are identified as the highest toilet in Arizona.

The toilets are near the summit of the San Francisco Peaks and within the only area of Arizona that is classified as a tundra ecosystem. Within sight is the highest point in Arizona, Humphrey’s Peak, which sits at 12,637 feet. If weather and atmospheric conditions cooperate you can even see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, over 80 miles away.

During the ski-season the toilet is accessible to those with a lift ticket by riding the gondola near the summits of the San Francisco Peaks. During many months of the off-season you can still purchase gondola tickets and enjoy a scenic ride and magnificent views, and if need be, visit the highest toilet in Arizona to relieve oneself. 

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