Horde of Illegal Immigrants Riot at Border Crossing, Clash With National Guard Troops

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The situation at the southern border grew quite frantic as illegal immigrants attempted to bust their way through National Guard troops to gain entry into the United  States. The confrontation turned into a mini-riot at the El Paso, Texas, border crossing, where many of those traveling to the southern border try to get into the country.

The altercation between the illegals and U.S. authorities marks a significant escalation of the border crisis. Footage being shared on social media shows the moment when members of the Texas National Guard found themselves overrun by people determined to cross the border in violation of immigration laws.

New York Post journalist Jennie Taer shared video of what happened.

Not only does this incident further illustrate the challenges of the border crisis on the ground, but it also casts even more light on the unwillingness on the part of the Biden administration to employ solutions to the problem.

The border crisis has persisted since shortly after President Joe Biden took office. Since then, the White House has done little to combat the problem, which has prompted states like Texas to take a heavier hand in apprehending those trying to enter the country illegally. This has resulted in multiple court battles between the Lone Star State and the federal government, which seems bent on taking in as many asylum seekers and illegal aliens as possible.

Senate Republicans, motivated by the tragic murder of Laken Riley at the hands of a Venezuelan illegal immigrant, have introduced various measures targeting sanctuary cities. These bills aim to hold cities and states accountable if they have police prohibiting local and state law enforcement from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to remove illegal immigrants – especially those who have committed additional offenses after entering the country.

However, these types of measures are doomed to fail if and when they make it to the Senate, which is currently dominated by Democrats.

The president has been useless when it comes to combating the crisis at the southern border. Infighting and apathy within his administration have made it impossible for the White House to create and implement policies that might ease the impact of the crisis. Just recently, Biden indicated that he believes the situation will somehow work itself out – even though he is the one granted the power to do something about the problem.

All of this occurs just after the Supreme Court issued a ruling allowing Texas to proceed with SB 4, a law empowering state officials to arrest, detain, and deport those who are in the country illegally. Nevertheless, Texas and the federal government remain at odds over the immigration issue, and it does not appear either side will back down anytime soon. In the meantime, Texas will have to bear the brunt of the constant flow of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers across the border.

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