HOT TAKES: Biden v. Trump Wasn't a TKO—It Was an Absolute Smackdown

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That was BRU-TAL. We knew that there would be surprises and perhaps a bit of entertainment with this first (and maybe last) presidential debate of 2024 between President Joe Biden and former President and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. What we had no idea about is that Trump would mop the floor with Biden quite so effectively.

Yet, here we are. 

Not since the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debate have we seen such a terrible performance, and wherever Dick Nixon is, I’m sure he’s grateful that someone else took that distinction.

Whoever’s job it was to mix Joe’s cocktail failed miserably. Biden’s voice was terrible, his cough persistent, and the fish mouth, glassy eyes, and pinched face juxtaposed next to a calm and cool Donald Trump was a visual that will go down in the annals and be played on a loop through 2024 and beyond. 

Amazingly enough, nobody is more surprised at Joe Biden’s terrible debate performance than the Democrat and legacy media apparatus. According to NBC’s Kristen Welker, Democrats are in open panic, as they should be.

CNN fauxnalist Kasie “Mic Cut” Hunt said the quiet part out loud for Biden’s electoral chances.

But young Harry Sisson somehow manages to remain divorced from reality. These influencers…

Conservatives and those on the right were simply having a field day, enjoying the popcorn and the meltdown.

The Babylon Bee managed to capture the truth of the moment while skewering the Trump indictments with humor.

But it was South Carolina Senator Tim Scott who won the internet for the night.

While Biden may have been the biggest loser, the biggest winner wasn’t necessarily Donald Trump. Look no further than that close Biden surrogate who fled his failing state to fly across the country and bask in the national spotlight.

We know for sure Democrat strategists are trying to figure out what to do with a problem like Joe Biden. As for who could replace him? Maybe a Gavin Newsom/Hillary Clinton cage match might be in order.

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