HOT TAKES: Worst Liberal Media Defenses of Biden After Disastrous Report and Presser

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I reported on one good response from the liberal media last night from CNN legal analyst Elie Honig calling out Joe Biden’s false claims during his national address/presser, based upon what was in the Hur Report. Biden denied sharing classified information with his ghostwriter, but Honig and CNN blew that claim up, noting that the report said it. 

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Liberal media did realize it was a big problem. 

But some in liberal media seemed to be melting down, trying to find anything to excuse or deflect from what a disaster the report and Biden’s response had been. 

Now, of course, what is a liberal media tantrum without some good “Republicans pounce” nonsense thrown in? 

Thank you to the New York Times for that. According to our Twitchy friends, they both “pounced and seized.” 

As President Biden laid out the stakes of the 2024 election after a meeting with House Democrats on Thursday, his would-be Republican opponents seized on a special counsel report that absolved him of charges for mishandling classified documents but described him as a “sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory” who had willfully retained and disclosed sensitive information.

But then we had New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait. His had to be right up there as one of the most delusional takes of the night. 

Effective, sort of like the Titanic’s voyage was an effective trip to America. Not so much. 

Then there was CNN’s Erin Burnett coming in with the “cul-de-sac” defense. This was not all that strange, she argues — Biden’s brain has always taken him down “verbal cul-de-sacs,” so this is really not unusual. “That’s part of who he is,” she said. 

I’m not sure that saying he’s always had issues is quite the defense she thinks it is. 

John King said in response that some of this was just “baked in,” then threw in the stutter defense, “The stutter — God Bless him — the man deserves a lot of credit for fighting through that in a very public way, with the camera aimed at him, every second of every day.” As though the stutter was an explanation or excuse for being investigated for classified documents over 40 years, the claims he made contradictory to the report, yelling at the reporters, and his general incoherence, including thinking the Egyptian leader is the leader of Mexico. They’re stretching hard to help him here and go with the “Let’s all cheer his stunning bravery” tack.  

Then there was the “everyone misspeaks” defense. 

Yeah, no. Speaking to dead people isn’t misspeaking. Being unable to complete sentences isn’t misspeaking. Not seeming to understand or care about reality isn’t misspeaking. It’s a scary danger to our nation. 

Then, right up there in the running for most offensive take — and that’s a hard call for sure, since there were so many terrible ones — there was MSNBC’s “Everyone forgets, and maybe this was because of the attorney’s advice” to excuse why Joe had lack of memory during his interview with Robert Hur’s team. They were aggrieved that Hur even included that in his report, despite the fact that seemed to be largely why he wasn’t charged. Are they kidding? No, they’re not; they really stooped this low. 

Um, guys? He couldn’t remember when he was vice president. He couldn’t remember when his son died. Arguing that might be because of a lawyer’s advice is ridiculous. 

They talk about not being able to remember things over 40 years but fail to understand the import of the “40-year investigation” that Biden complained of. That means there were documents in question over those 40 years. Not just when he was vice president. What’s the explanation for all this when he didn’t have any right to those documents? When in order to have them when he was in the Senate, he would only have been able to view them in a SCIF? Did he steal classified documents? Why did he have them at all, and how can that be excused? And how often did this happen? 

This is much worse than anything former President Donald Trump did, who had documents that were sent to his home from when he was president — when he had a right to have the documents. 


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