How to play Netflix’s cloud games without waiting for an invitation

Want to try the nine games that Netflix now streams from cloud servers directly to your laptop, desktop, or TV? Officially, you’re supposed to wait until the beta rolls out more broadly, but for now, there may be an easier way.

If you fire up a desktop web browser, log in to Netflix, and click these links, you should be able to start playing, even if you don’t see any of these games listed normally.

A tipster flipped me these links, and they seem to work fine! They’re not exactly graphically intensive, mind you, and can look a bit muddy on a desktop monitor since streaming resolution currently tops out at 720p. But it’s a decent way to see what Netflix is cooking, imagine what might come next, and wonder if the company might come up with a better interface for its gaming ambitions.

*Netflix has said it’s only made these games available in the US, UK, Canada, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, and Germany, and cloud gaming is always highly dependent on how far you are from a server… so your mileage may vary.

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