India’s Cricket World Cup win was not possible without this unreal catch

India took home the Cricket World Cup on Saturday with a nail-biting victory over South Africa in the final. The match came down to the wire, and there’s a very real chance that India could have lost without these heroics from SuryaKumar Yada.

In cricket the ball must always be in the field of play to be ruled as a catch. If Yada caught the ball and stepped out it would have been ruled as six runs. If he batted the ball down inside the field of play it would have given the batsmen ample time to record runs as well. So the only option was to catch the ball, throw it back inbounds, the run in and make a double catch — without stepping out.

It’s easier said than done, and requires incredible focus as well as processing speed. It’s not something you see very often, especially at a moment this important. At this stage in the final a full six runs would have put South Africa in the driver’s seat to win. Instead they lost a critical batsman that helped propel India to win the World Cup.

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