Jaguar F-Type 2023 long-term test

Because many of us have become used to cheaper fuelling of our EVs and hybrids, the F-Type’s 27mpg in my hands so far makes it seem pretty thirsty: the £100 fill-up of the 70-litre fuel tank is going to become pretty usual. Still, the realistic touring range of around 320-340 miles beats most EVs in the bracket, although not by all that much. 

The bottom line so far? The F-Type feels every biy as old-school but very pleasantly so. EVs are smoother and more powerful at the very bottom of the scale but definitely less characterful. Even in an ’emotional’ ICE car, you notice the greater faff of departure (engage clutches, breathe in a column of gas, ignite it) compared with a much smoother electric car. 

In an EV, you’re pleased by the comparative lack of departure effort, but miss the engine sound and the emotion attached to hearing it work. It will be fascinating over the coming weeks to see how these impressions move. 

Second Opinion

We have had an F-Type R on our fleet before, back in 2014-15. Then it really was an old-school bruiser and somewhat agricultural. If that counted against it then, it’s the opposite now: the F-Type R feels like nothing else you can buy. Steve has a fabulous long goodbye ahead of him with it. 

Mark Tisshaw

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Jaguar F-Type R 75 Coupe Auto specification

Specs: Price New £103,075 Price as tested £111,000 Options Carpathian Grey body colour £1335, 20in five split-spoke alloy wheels £2000, extended leather seat upgrade £1055, fixed panoramic roof £1335, Driver Assist Pack £470, anti-theft tracker £545, Climate Pack £685, Blind Spot Assist £500

Test Data: Engine Supercharged 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine Power 567bhp at 6500rpm Torque 516lb ft at 3500-5000rpm Kerb weight 1780kg Top speed 186mph 0-62mph 3.7sec Fuel economy 26.4 (claimed) CO2 243g/km Faults None Expenses None

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