Jalen Hurts pays for funeral expenses of high school player killed in senseless shooting

It’s impossible to find a silver lining when discussing the death of a teenager who had their whole life ahead of them — but Jalen Hurts at least tried to ease a grieving family’s burden.

18-year-old Jarvon Coles was killed over the weekend in Houston, a victim of a senseless shooting. The linebacker who played for North Shore High School was attending a house party when police believe one or more shooters fired into the house from a block away, with one of the bullets striking Coles in the chest. He was transported to an area hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Upon learning about the incident, Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts stepped up. Hurt attended Channelview High School in suburban Houston, and their biggest rival was North Shore. Hurts heard that a player died from his old rival school, and reached out to the family to ensure they didn’t need to worry about the cost of putting Jarvon to rest.

Speaking to KHOU in Houston, Coles’ grandfather said that his grandson had a 4.1 GPA, and had already been accepted by 15 colleges — but was weighing his options on where he could play football. The 18-year-old reportedly had plans to attend Lamar University this fall in nearby Beaumont.

Meanwhile teammates are left stunned by the passing of their teammate and friend.

One of Jarvon’s teammates and fellow senior, DaMeko Williams, said he woke up to the news and started crying.

“Jarvon was a great human being, he was a great person, always had a smile on his face, never see him getting into anything bad, or having any type of conflict with anyone,” he said.

Police have yet to identify the shooter or shooters, and are currently continuing their investigation. It’s impossible to comprehend having a bright light like this snuffed out so soon, but kudos to Hurts for doing what he could to make a horrific situation a little better for the Coles family.

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