Janet Yellen's Very Troubling Responses to Congress About Surveilling Americans and China

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen appeared before Congress on Tuesday, and she was grilled on a variety of subjects. 

This is the lady who said that inflation was “transitory” back in 2021. Is it still transitory now, three years late? How long is “transitory”? 

Let’s start with this completely laughable response about the wonders of Joe Biden’s economy. Yellen claimed that Joe Biden had put through proposals that would “guarantee that we are on a fiscally sustainable path.”

“Guarantee?” Is that like inflation is transitory? 

We’ve already seen how his spending helped to create the Bidenflation that has crushed people. Plus we’re now dealing with $34 trillion in debt that was exacerbated by Biden’s spending and now higher interest rates. How is that fiscally sustainable? On top of that, Biden still wants to spend like a drunken sailor. He’s trying to go around the decision of the Supreme Court on student debt, flipping them off and saying he can do what he wants. Then, in the next breath, he’ll tell you he’s running to “save democracy.” Please. 

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Next, the members started inquiring about some other troubling questions. Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) wanted to know if the Treasury or federal banking agencies “instructed financial institutions to search Americans’ legal transactions in attempts to surveil their purposes?” 

Now the answer to that, you would think, would be simple: no, unless of course you were talking about probable cause in a criminal matter or some legally allowable reason. But that isn’t what Yellen said. 

Yellen appears to dodge the question three times. First, she talks about the letter she got from Wagner and how they intend to investigate fully and respond. 

Wagner is not dissuaded by that and repeats her question. 

Then Yellen said FinCEN’s job is to work with financial institutions. 

Wagner tried again, but got another dodge. 

“I promise a thorough look into everything…” Yellen said. 

Wagner said that it was very “concerning” that she couldn’t get a straight answer from Yellen. 

However, her comment about China even had Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) stunned. He asked if there was a “national interest” in encouraging Americans to invest in Chinese equities that she was aware of. “Because I’m not,” he said.

Yellen said that it was their opinion that “both inward and outward investment are economically beneficial.”

But that was too much for even a Democrat. “Encouraging the building of the Chinese economy is not thought by most members of Congress to be a good use of federal funds,” Sherman declared. Good for him; he’s right. What the heck are they thinking? Are they actually using federal funds to help build the Chinese economy? It’s the Biden team, so anything is possible. Should we ask again about those Biden family business connections to China?

We can’t vote these people out fast enough. 

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