Jill Biden Confirms Biden Will Not Step Aside—Which Could Lead to Even More Dem Infighting

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First Lady Jill Biden is at the forefront as more Democrat mega-donors and elected officials call on the president to step aside and be the bridge to the newer generation as he once envisioned. However, it’s evident that they will not go out without a fight, which will only hurt the Democrat party while inadvertently helping former President Trump and the GOP as they remain on the sidelines and watch this all play out. 

The First Lady said she is “all in” on Biden’s 2024 run following Monday morning’s announcement that Biden is staying in the race. That’s not a surprise since she does not want to give up the power they currently have. Apparently, that’s more important to her than her husband’s health. 

She had this to say during a stop in Wilmington, North Carolina:

President Biden wakes up every morning ready to work for you. That’s what this election is all about: you. 

For all the talk out there about this race, Joe has made it clear that he’s all in. That’s the decision that he’s made. And just as he has always supported my career, I’m all in too.

She then turned her focus on Trump, saying:

We know what Donald Trump was like as commander-in-chief. He dismissed the military community and diminished America’s leadership around the world. And it could be worse this time. He says he wants to be a dictator on day one.

Donald Trump wakes up every morning thinking about one person and one person only: himself.

They will say anything to deflect the fact that Biden’s policies have done far more harm than good for the average American. They will lie through their teeth and do whatever it takes to make sure Trump does not get back into the White House. 

It’s worth noting that the first lady is campaigning without the president. She will hold three public events today, while the commander-in-chief will hold zero, yet they will claim he has the stamina and vigor to be president for another four years. 

Posts like these make a lot more sense now that Jill is in the public eye more than before:

The Democrat infighting is definitely not a good look for the U.S. as world leaders are looking in from the outside; it shows that Biden is not up for the job. 

If the current polls show any indication, Trump will win handily in November. Realistically speaking, this race will be decided by a few states and by a couple hundred thousand votes. It is imperative for people to get out the vote because the polls will inevitably pull closer as Election Day approaches.

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