Lamar Jackson really wanted this Lamar Jackson rug made by a Ravens fan

The Baltimore Ravens might be the Super Bowl favorite right now, and star QB Lamar Jackson is playing like the MVP of the league once again. Baltimore improved to 7-2 overall this past Sunday by blowing out the Seattle Seahawks, with Jackson leading the way with another efficient overall performance.

Jackson has long been one of the best players in the NFL, but he’s more than that, too. To Ravens fans, Jackson is an icon and a gift. He’s the type of player a city prays for and can go decades without in the worst case scenario. Every day he’s healthy and in his prime is a good day for Baltimore.

The love Ravens fans have for Jackson was on full display as he sliced and diced the Seahawks. Case in point: the QB noticed a fan with a Lamar Jackson cut-out rug in the stands during the game, and he immediately made it clear that he wanted it. The moment was captured by NFL Films. Watch it here:

What is Lamar Jackson going to do with a Lamar Jackson rug? Probably marvel at how cool it is. It’s only right that he gets it, seeing as Baltimore fans get to marvel at how cool it is to watch Jackson play QB every Sunday.

Give Lamar his rug. While we’re at it, give him his second MVP if he keeps up this level of play, too. The Ravens are turning into one of the best stories in football, and it’s all because Jackson keeps making miracles happen.

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