LaMelo Ball converted the roof of his $2.4M Charlotte condo into a go kart track

LaMelo Ball has come under fire this year for his reckless driving. There’s been numerous videos of him peeling out of the Hornets’ arena in his array of sports cars, running red lights in uptown Charlotte, and there’s a pending lawsuit against him for running over an 11-year-old’s foot.

Ball might have found a way to channel his love of speed in a place where there are no pedestrians — the roof of his condo.

People in neighboring buildings have spied Ball cruising around the roof of his condo — located in the upscale Trust building. It comes less than a month after Ball purchased the 3,100 square foot penthouse for $2.4M, and he bought it from another local sporting legend: Cam Newton.

Newton purchased the condo from ex-Hornets owner Michael Jordan after he was drafted by the Panthers in 2011. So now everything has come full circle. However, neither Newton nor Jordan had a go kart track on the roof. Mainly because nobody thinks to turn their roof into a go kart track.

Is it a wide idea to be riding high speed go karts on the top of a building when you have a history of missing games due to leg injuries? I’m not sure. At least it’s keeping LeMelo off the streets of Charlotte.

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