LaMelo Ball has the worst NBA tattoo ever

The NBA is full of pretty bad tattoos. From Mike Scott’s emoji tattoos to the assortment of tattoos that Birdman Chris Andersen had, the ink process for NBA players has been very hit and miss, most of them misses.

However, I don’t think we’ve seen anything like LaMelo Ball’s newest tattoo, and we may not see anything like it again. The Hornets’ star got some new ink on his back and it sure is … something.

So ummm…where do we even begin? Why is “Rare” in two different colors, making it so the black blends into the rest of the tattoo? It looks like it says Dare One or Dade One instead of rare. Why is the alien so veiny? Why is the spaceship so small? That alien isn’t gonna fit in that spaceship with both words as well. Why is one font different from the other? What is happening in this tattoo?

This is why NBA teams need veterans in the locker room. Someone born before 1996 who has some knowledge not of the NBA, no, but some baseline level of common sense to try and direct the young players away from this kind of behavior. Where is Davis Bertans when you need him?

Social media, naturally, roasted Ball for his tattoo.

Another thought while seeing this tattoo: does LaMelo Ball believe in aliens? It kind of seems like he does, which wouldn’t surprise me at all. The Hornets locker room seems like the place where ideas like this can unfold.

Someone had to stop this man from doing this. Was there nobody who could give him better advice? What was the tattoo artist doing? We have to help our youth make better decisions in the long run, because this might be the worst NBA tattoo of all time.

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