Lego’s towering Barad-dûr set is now available for Lego Insiders

Not a Lego Insider? Not a problem. The loyalty program is free to join, after all, meaning you can still buy the Lord of the Rings set today if you register for an account on Lego’s website. In addition to the Fell Beast set, Lego is also throwing in a free Water Park set — though that offer will end on June 7th. It’s an odd pairing when you consider the summery 132-piece set is nowhere near as menacing as Sauron’s fiery stronghold in Mordor, but hey, at least it’s something you can use to distract the kids while you focus on building your own dark tower.

Perched on top of a table, the dark tower is almost as tall as a person.
Image: Lego

In case you need a refresher, Lego’s latest Lord of the Rings set comes with 5,471 pieces that, once assembled, depict Sauron’s black tower and fiery eye, which remains one of the more iconic visuals from Peter Jackson’s film trilogy. The playset stands 32.5 inches (83cm) tall, but you can also buy extra copies if you want to build it even higher. It comes with a pair of mechanical front doors and a secret room for the all-seeing palantir stone, too, along with a slew of clever Easter eggs.

The set comes with minifigures of orcs, Frodo, Sauron, and more.
Image: Lego

Lego has added in a bunch of other details Lord of the Rings fans will appreciate, from a throne room and dining hall for orcs to a lava pit with a skeleton cage. There are also references to the story itself, like Frodo’s stolen mithril coat and even a spider (Shelob, anyone?). The set even comes with minifigures of Frodo, Sam, Gollum, and — of course, Sauron — so you can reenact whichever scenes you choose.

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