Looks Like Barack Obama May Have Pulled Protection From Biden According to New Clooney Op-Ed Report

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The curtain has lifted, and the mainstream media and Democrats are suddenly admitting President Joe Biden’s issues.

But after all this time of not fully reporting and/or ignoring his cognitive issues, why are they suddenly admitting it? 

It’s as though the people behind the scenes decided to pull the protection; the time has come, so we can talk about the possibility of replacement. 

It seems that may be the case when you hear what happened with the Clooney op-ed. 

I wrote about that on Wednesday. George Clooney just decimated Biden’s continuing candidacy, calling on Biden to step aside and confirming that Biden was the “same man” at a fundraiser that he threw for Biden three weeks ago as the befuddled man who was at the debate everyone is talking about. So much for the “one bad night” defense. Of course, we all knew that, but it was a big admission for such a strong supporter to make. Clooney also said that every senator and Congress member and governor who he’d spoken with in private thought “the same thing” no matter what they were saying in public. 

Guess who knew about Clooney’s devastating op-ed beforehand and didn’t do anything to stop it, according to a new report? 

The guy who some think pulls some strings behind the scenes, former President Barack Obama. 

According to the report, Clooney told Obama about the op-ed before it was published. 

Former President Barack Obama was given a heads-up but didn’t object to Oscar-winning actor George Clooney’s bombshell call for President Biden to drop out of the 2024 race, a new report says.

The Hollywood A-lister had called Obama in advance to warn him he was going to make the call in an op-ed published in the New York Times on Wednesday, sources told Politico.

The ex-president didn’t encourage Clooney to make the remarks, but didn’t try to stop him, either, the sources added.

So he could have stopped him, likely. But he didn’t. That should say everything right there. Not exactly great support for his pretend “best friend.” 

On top of that, when his team was approached for comment on the report, they “declined to comment about the claims that he didn’t push back on Clooney’s remarks.” 

Translation? It’s true, and he wants you to know it’s true, but he just doesn’t want to go on record saying it. His last public statement was that he’s still backing Biden.  

It was already clear there was an issue with Obama when the “Obama bros” were talking smack, as we reported. 

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One of them, Jon Favreau, also confirmed what Clooney said about Biden at the fundraiser. 

“I was there,” Favreau said. “Clooney was exactly right, and every single person I talked to at the fundraiser thought the same thing, except for the people working for Joe Biden, or at least they didn’t say that.”

“I remember my wife, Emily, turned to me after the fundraiser and said, ‘What are we going to do?’ And I said, ‘Well, there is a debate in a week. Either he’ll do well in the debate, and we’ll think he was just tired because he flew all the way back from Europe, and that’ll be that, or he’ll be like this at the debate and then the whole country will be talking about it.’ So, here we are.”

Funny that he puts the Biden incredible “traveling” excuse in there. No one could imagine that Biden would drop that as an excuse since it wasn’t really true, so it sounds like Favreau is “remembering” to fit the situation. 

But bottom line: If the Obama bros feel free to tee off on Biden, then that’s telling you something about Obama as well. 

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