Luke Doncic’s full-court lob was one of the most impressive passes in NBA history

The term “in history” is thrown around waaaay too often, I know. The quest to hype up everything dilutes the specialness of great moments — but when it comes to Luka Doncic’s pass on Tuesday night, I promise you it’s warranted.

This is just absurd. So let’s break down all the elements of this pass to appreciate how nuts it really was.

Firstly, Doncic launches the ball basically from end-to-end. He’s around the top of the key, but this is still roughly a 70-foot pass it he was just to huck it with no accuracy. Factor in that he tosses is cross-court and you’re looking at roughly 80 feet of travel through the air.

Now just hitting this pass on the fly from a power standpoint is impressive enough, but putting it on the button is on another level. Luka puts it on the absolute button for Derrick Jones Jr. in the ideal spot to lay down the alley oop, and he needs to put enough loft on the pass to get it over Wemby — which isn’t exactly an easy thing to do.

Finally it’s piecing all this together on the fly. Having the processing speed and awareness to realize this play was open, and pairing that with the confidence to just go for it.

This was one of those passes that happen in the gym for fun, but never in a game — and Luka made it look relatively easy. Just astounding.

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