Matas Buzelis being picked by the Bulls was the most emotional moment of the NBA Draft

A dream came true for Matas Buzelis when the Chicago Bulls selected him with the No. 11 pick.

Much has been made of Buzelis’ name and roots, with most people assuming he’s coming over from Lithuania — but he was born in Chicago when his parents emigrated. Raised in the suburbs of the city, it was there he forged his own path in basketball independent of his parents, both of whom played professional basketball in Europe.

Some tears flowed early, but it wasn’t long before Buzelis was completely overcome with emotion. A profound and renowned trash talker, he couldn’t manage to muster the words on draft night, instead simply thanking everyone who doubted him and pushed him.

The work begins now. Buzelis is an athletic, high-motor guy with the ability to be be a powerhouse wing — but he desperately needs to work on his three-point shooting in order to take the next step in the NBA. That can wait for tomorrow though, because tonight is all about the emotion of being on the Bulls.

Such a cool moment.

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