Mercedes G-Class EV could get 400-mile range with new battery

The G580 also features a new aerodynamically sculpted bonnet, resulting in a drag coefficient of 0.44, down from 0.48Cd for the latest G450d, and 0.53Cd for the previous-generation G. In another move, the optional spare wheel holder mounted on the rear boot can be replaced with a similarly styled charging cable holder.

“The G is still the G,” said Manuel Urstöger, the head of e-drive systems for Mercedes-Benz G. “It’s not just design or sound: for us the powertrain is about offering uncompromised off-road ability.”

The G580 uses four electric motors, with one powering each wheel of the car. Each motor produces 145bhp, combining for a maximum output of 579bhp, along with a mammoth 859lb ft of torque.

The motors have been developed specially for the G580, and each is driven by a separate two-speed gearbox. Urstöger said that the unusual and highly complicated powertrain was developed specifically to meet the exacting specifications of the G division, and will not be used elsewhere in the line-up.

“It was a tough project,” he said, “but we achieved all our targets and because of that it’s better than the combustion-engined G when going off-road.”

The G580 retains the same independent front suspension, with a new rigid axle at the rear containing the integrated electric drive unit, and virtual rather than mechanical differential locks to offer optimised torque vectoring.

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