Mirror lighting collection by Benjamin Hopf for Formagenda

Dezeen Showroom: described as both futuristic and elegant, the Mirror lighting collection by German designer Benjamin Hopf for Formagenda features flat, reflective shapes.

The Mirror collection contains a series of suspended rectilinear lights that combine the visual properties of both mirrors and lighting.

The Mirror lighting collection features flat reflective shapes

The design is available in three formats and three colours, which can be used on their own or mixed and matched to create unique pendant clustes.

The small version is suitable for installation above bars, counters, sideboards, bistro tables and kitchenettes, while the wide version fits well above workspaces.

Mirror lighting collection by Benjamin Hopf for Formagenda
The finish options include a multicoloured finish that looks different from varying angles

“The futuristic design is like a chameleon,” said designer Benjamin Hopf. “It fits to any interior and a second space level lives in its reflection.”

“The pure geometric shape features elegant details and yet maintains minimalistic aesthetics.”

Product details:

Product: Mirror lighting
Designer: Benjamin Hopf
Brand: Formagenda
Contact: [email protected]

Material: mirror, aluminium
Colours/finishes: Clear Mirror, Smoked Grey Mirror, Multicolour (‘Rainbow’) Mirror
Dimensions: 184 x 320 x 36 millimetres (small), 320 x 320 x 36 millimetres (square), 890 x 184 x 36 millimetres (wide)

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