More Cracks in Dem Gov. Coalition? NC Governor Issues Interesting Statement Ahead of Jill Biden's Visit

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Of all the interesting behind-the-scenes machinations we’ve seen going in on the Democrat Party after Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, it has been the fly-on-the-wall reports of what happened at the hastily arranged meeting between Biden and Democrat Governors that have perhaps been the most intriguing of all.

As we noted at the time, leaked stories from the gathering included noting that Biden made a “joke” about how he was fine healthwise, but that his brain wasn’t, which reportedly (and understandably) made the governors very uncomfortable. Biden also reportedly said that he needed to find a better work/life balance, such as getting more sleep, working fewer hours, and not doing any events that went on after 8 pm.

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Needless to say, those were not reassuring comments from the 81-year-old purported leader of the free world, so much so that since then, some of those same governors have sent very public signals that there are cracks in their official “all-in” stance on sticking with Biden throughout the fallout.

For instance: As we documented, Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey issued a statement Friday reiterating her support for Biden but at the same time called on him to “carefully evaluate” his future as the party’s nominee. Hawaii Gov. Josh Green sent a mixed message Saturday with comments he made on how “I think the president stays in this race unless he feels that it is not winnable, or he feels that he has to hear other voices in his inner circle that he shouldn’t run.”

Another possible crack in this coalition may be coming from North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, whose office issued a statement Monday indicating he would not be in attendance for a campaign visit First Lady Jill Biden would be making in Wilmington later in the day:

While it’s true Cooper (and NC Attorney General/Democrat gubernatorial nominee Josh Stein) were in attendance for Joe Biden’s cringe post-debate campaign event in North Carolina on June 28th, a heckuva lot has happened since then including the embarrassing revelations about the two radio interviews and how the Biden campaign submitted questions for the hosts in advance. In addition to that, multiple House Democrats have also pushed for Biden to step aside in the last week. 

Now, it’s possible there was a more pressing matter on Cooper’s calendar for Monday than showing support alongside co-president Jill Biden for Joe Biden’s embattled campaign in a state he desperately needs to win, but as NC GOP comms director Matt Mercer speculated, “It starts with a scheduling conflict…”

For Joe Biden, though, it all started with a nightmarish debate appearance that confirmed much of what his critics have been saying about him the entire time. Is there any wonder why the fissures are widening among the Democrat governors? Heck, I’m not a fan of Roy Cooper at all but even I can see why he’d rather be anywhere but next to the SS Biden right about now.

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