New: Packed Biden Campaign Zoom Call With National Finance Committee… Did Not Go Well

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The fallout – and palace intrigue – in Democrat/media circles continues after last Thursday’s presidential debate, which saw President Joe Biden confirm much of what his critics have long said about his mental acuity and cognitive health, raising big questions in the process about whether he should remain on the ticket.

As we noted Monday, Biden campaign officials have been scrambling to put donors at ease, with one call with about 40 donors being described as “tense.”  Some even reportedly asked for their campaign donations to be refunded as talk turned to the possibility of Vice President Kamala Harris replacing Biden as the nominee.

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During that same call, some attendees were “upset that they are just hearing campaign talking points.”  As it turns out, an even bigger donor call, held Monday night via Zoom with their National Finance Committee, had some of the same complaints as donors felt like their concerns were not being taken seriously.

It was easy to understand why once it was learned what Biden campaign co-chair Jen O’Malley Dillon told them:

Jen O’Malley Dillon held the virtual meeting with about 500 donors, whose pictures spread across 21 pages of Zoom screens. 


She pointed to the president’s health report released by his doctors earlier this year, which declared him fit to serve.

“He’s probably in better health than most of us,” Dillon said, according to two of the participants, one of whom said the comments were offensive and dismissive of the real concerns about Biden in the wake of his debate performance.

A member of the National Finance Committee who participated in the call said it was disappointing that the top Biden official sought to downplay the concerns, rather than hear them.

We’ve heard the “Biden can run circles around most people half his age” BS before from Biden’s apologists, and after that debate, it’s clear that a growing number of Democrats don’t even believe it anymore.

The tell from the Zoom conference call was how the concerned donors were not allowed to ask questions – staff members asked them on their behalf, according to the CNN report.

“Questions were allowed, but they were read by staff members, rather than donors themselves.” In other words, the donors were treated like children, much like First Lady Jill Biden treated her husband after his disastrous debate performance.

So we’ve come to the point in this little exercise where Democrats are not just insulting the intelligence of Biden’s critics; they’re now insulting each other’s intelligence with the levels they are taking things to smooth ruffled feathers and assuage the panic ahead of the Democratic National Convention, which will be held in August.

Suffice it to say the DNC is going to be absolutely lit when it takes place, and not just because it’s in Chicago, where “peaceful protesters” will be converging in full force, 

It’s also because we are likely to see on-camera infighting the likes that we haven’t seen in a long time at a national nominating convention, which will be a terrible look for the Biden campaign considering Democrats no doubt will want to give off a “united” appearance going into what will no doubt be a contentious fall campaign season.

Once again, Joe Biden’s worst enemy is… Joe Biden. We toldjah so.

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