P.K. Subban had his Stanley Cup earpiece stuck in his ear FOR 8 DAYS

There’s dedication to the craft, and then there’s having something stuck in your ear for eight days because you jammed an earpiece so far into your head that it made contact with your eardrum. Guess which P.K. Subban did?

Subban was working Game 7 of The Stanley Cup Finals in Florida, presumably in intense noise, when he jammed his earpiece so deep into his ear canal that it was resting against his ear drum. To hear Subban’s side of the story he removed the earpiece following he game, without realizing a piece of it was still stuck in his head.

What followed was intense ear pain that lasted over a week, before Subban finally went to the doctor and had the earpiece extracted. He went on to quip that’s why he hasn’t been able to hear that well — because YEAH MAN, YOU HAD YOUR EAR BLOCKED FOR EIGHT DAYS!

Is this just hockey player toughness or carelessness? You decide.

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